Cleaning / Washing

Over time, dust can become embedded in the fibres of a rug, even if it has been placed in low traffic areas.  Fringes can also become soiled and disheveled, and colors can become dull under an accumulation of dust and dirt.

Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection provides a professional rug cleaning service for all types of rugs, whether they are handmade or machine made. We take tremendous caution in caring for and cleaning your fine rugs, and carry out repairs in a controlled environment.

Upon inspection of your rug we will determine the right treatment and care required to clean your rug.

We follow very strict guidelines with our cleaning process, as described below.

  1. Pre-Inspection – we carefully examine the rug for any tears or damage which could be worsened by the cleaning process. Should any of these issues become evident, we will ensure that the necessary repairs are done in order to restore the integrity of the rug.
  2. Dusting – ensuring that all loose, as well as deeply embedded particles of dust are removed from your rug is imperative in ensuring a successful result. As such, each piece is thoroughly dusted, which involves loosening and the removing any dust particles not only from the surface, but also from deep within the actual pile.
  3. Washing – most rugs are then passed through a state-of-the-art rug washing machine, with the use of a specially formulated solution to ensure that the dyes are unharmed. We use additional care when handling collectors pieces or antiques. In such cases, hand brush methods are used to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug.
  4. Drying – after a final rinse the rug is hung in a specially designed drying room. Controlled climate and combination of fans allows for quick, clean drying.
  5. Post Inspection – once the rug is completed we perform a final inspection to ensure a successful result has been achieved.

We kindly ask that you allow 7–14 days for the cleaning of any rugs.