Appraisals / Valuations

Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection can provide you with either a verbal or written appraisal. 

We are able to provide valuations on Persian hand knotted rugs, antique rugs, kilims, Oriental rugs & machine made rugs.  Our appraisals are offered to provide proof of your investment to insurance companies or in the event of damage to your rug.

All appraisals and valuations are performed by Mr. Houshiyar Saffar, the owner & founder of Saffar’s Fine Rug Collection.  His experience in the handmade rug industry extends over 40 years and he has been appointed by the Australian Customs Service to advise on values of a range of rugs and carpets. That is why you can be confident that your valuation will be true and accurate.

Appraisals are the only way to confirm the identity, quality and value of any type of a rug.  In providing an accurate appraisal of any rug we undertake a detailed and thorough inspection of your rug to authenticate and assess the value of your rug for insurance purposes. Our written appraisal will include information such as the origin of the rug, description, age, condition, size, type, quality and value of the rug.

We understand that sometimes you are not able to bring your rugs to our gallery for a valuation, so we are also able to offer you the convenience of having us come to your home to provide you with a valuation.  A minimal fee is applicable to any such request.